High-Tech Crime Unit

Tasks and responsibilities of the High-Tech Crime Unit are as follows:

· Administrate the High-Tech Crime Unit

· Investigate and analyze electronic data, and to support the collection of the digital evidences 

   on assigned, appointed or requested cases

· Support the in-depth investigation of data that concern computer technique in order to collect 

   the evidences on assigned, appointed or requested cases

· Examine the exhibits in technological crimes, which need be analyzed in order to be used 

   for supporting the relevant work units

· Control and maintain special tools and equipment that can be used to improve 

    the effectiveness of technology investigation and analysis

· Explore, research and improve technical investigation techniques, and to attain new ways 

    to prevent technological crimes

· Disseminate knowledge about technical investigation, analyses on ways to prevent 

   technological crimes and related experiences to operational police officers

· Explore, research and develop operational systems to support the investigation 

   regarding technological crimes

· Collect and retain evidences in technological crimes, in accordance to the internationally 

   adhered standards, in the systematical and accountable manner during the investigation and 

   analysis, and to deliver the evidences back to all the related agents after the investigation 

   is finished

· Cooperate with other local and overseas agencies that are related to technological crimes 

   and cases

· Develop human resources in order to create experts in the related fields, and to give advice 

   about technological crimes

· Perform other tasks assigned by superior officials



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